Let us Remember Those that have been Forgotten

Memorial Day  May 30, 2022

As we bite into our burger and laughter fills the  air, let us think back and remember those who are missing from the festivities of the day and dwell for a moment upon their sacrifices on the field of battle so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms that surround us. Also, allow your mind to focus on the loved ones left behind and the companions who returned from war without  their comrades and who, in many cases, witnessed their passing and prayed for God to bless and comfort their families and friends.

Is it too much to ask for the remembrance of one who put their life on the line for you? Shouldn’t they be remembered for the heroism they performed on  your behalf? Shouldn’t we lay upon their grave a  wreath of flowers born of the colors of the flag  they chose to serve? Shouldn’t the red, white, and  blue be placed in reverential fashion to honor  their actions as protectors of the land they loved? My hope is that these thoughts are foremost in the  minds of those who love this nation and what it  represents. I pray to God that we always remember that  freedom is a gift. Freedom is a treasure that is  often easy to take for granted. We should be  grateful that there are people who are willing to  sacrifice their lives and show by their actions the  love that they have for their fellow man. I was  blessed to have been in the company of such  patriots who returned home wrapped in the flag  they so loved. I am honored to have served with  them and pray that God will comfort their families  and friends on this solemn day. May God grant  them peace. 

 Be safe and know you are loved,

 Lou/Chip Diamond  

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