Tod Lyons is Called Home

As we go through life, if we are fortunate we come in contact with individuals whose impact on us leaves a lasting mark that will be carried within for the rest of our lives. We, the members of the Murphy Veterans Tribute Project, were privileged and blessed by our Lord to have walked, though only for a short period of time, on the same path as Tod. His love of family, love of country and power of his faith were witnessed by us every time we were in his presence. Tod’s dedication to our project was second to none and right up to the end he stood by our side planning and preparing for the next event and fundraiser to bring his and our goal to a reality. We will continue on as we follow his footsteps on the trail he has blazed for us knowing that at the end of the trace he will be waiting for us with a smile that seemed to always be there. Tod was our friend, our comrade and a mentor to our project and we thank his family for allowing us to share in their good fortune of having such a fine husband and father. It was truly a pleasure to have been in his presence. For all who knew him, be strong and cherish the moments of happiness that we shared together with Senior Chief Tod Lyons. May God bless and comfort you all.

Tod Lyons and Brian Epstein worked together to secure a $2,000 grant from CoServ. This is the presentation of the check from CoServ to the Murphy Veterans Tribute Project.

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